"You really have the best smelling candles around!! All the others smell fake and weird. Thanks a bunch." ~RAE, a valued, longtime candle customer


Our candles, tarts and mega melts are made from 100% American soy wax in small craft batches, right in our kitchen.  The natural fragrance oils, tints and braided cotton wicks are cruelty free for a candle experience you can feel good about.  We use the maximum amount of fragrance oil that the soy wax will hold without creating an oily patch on the top.  Before any fragrance is added to our lineup, we test it to be sure the aroma will fill a large room.  Rest assured that, no matter which of our soy wax products you are using, you will definitely smell the care we put into our process. 
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Know your wax! Soy wax is not a petroleum derivative, which means that burning or melting soy wax does not give off carcinogens such as toulene and benzene. Toulene and benzene are given off by paraffin candles and tarts because paraffin is made from petroluem. If you wouldn't burn motor oil in your home, why would you ever use paraffin candles?
Remember that food grade paraffin is still paraffin. The reason it is food grade is because you can eat it without releasing the known carcinogens in the wax. Once the paraffin is hot enough to melt, as a candle or tart, it is hot enough to release carcinogens into your space.