Privacy Policy

Elements of Rejuvenation do not use cookies on our website and we do not store any customer information beyond the time it takes to fill your order. Online payment is via PayPal so we never have access to your payment source. Offline payment is via money order so again, we never have access to your payment source.  

Information we will collect includes:

Your name and phone number so we can contact you with questions about your order.  We write this on a notepad and retain this until your order has shipped.  Once your order has been posted, we throw your name and phone number away.  

Your email address will be needed if you want to pay for your order online.  We will use your email address to arrange for us to receive payment via PayPal. This will enable you to use credit/debit card, check, or PayPal balance for the transaction.  Once your payment has cleared we will ship your order and throw away your email address.  Some transaction information will be stored in our PayPal account simply because that's how PayPal works; your name, email address, mailing address, and date of the transaction.  We will not use your information in any way, shape or form once your order has shipped.

Your mailing address will be collected if you are paying by money order, as we will need to know where to ship your order.  Once yout payment has cleared we will ship your order and throw away your mailing address.

Any information we collect is taken exclusively to process a single order and make a single shipment to you. 

This website is built on the MobiFirst platform.  They do use cookies to keep track of how guests visit any website built on the platform, and to ensure that all sites are working properly.