About Us

Elements of Rejuvenation started in 2004 when Mark decided to offer a variety of home health aids. He had long been interested in helping people find easy ways to incorporate good self-care in their lives, and this drove him to stay open to new opportunities. He eventually moved away from vitamins and water filtration systems, and started carrying some of the inventory that he still has today: crystals, soy wax candles, and incense. Mark started doing some live events but stayed pretty close to the Des Moines area. He decided to expand his inventory in 2007 and launched this website during that process.

As the inventory grew, so did the radius of live events. Elements of Rejuvenation have done shows as far north as Fargo, and as far south as Oklahoma City. The usual stomping grounds cover a triangle from Des Moines IA, south to Kansas City MO, and west to Omaha NE and Topeka KS.
Here in Iowa, our soy wax products are now sold through the Iowa Food Coop in Des Moines; Timber Ridge Market in Osceola; and both locations of Groovy Goods in Des Moines. Mark also pours soy candles in custom containers for weddings and other memorable occasions. 
Your business is appreciated and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.
To purchase something you find on our website, or saw at one of our live events, please fill out the Contact Form located in the navigation menu at the top or bottom of your screen.